Vintage Japanese Kimoo Stencil Paper Katagami Crescent Owl (23M-013)

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This is a  vitnage Japanese precisely cut paper stencil with the design of crescent and owl. Owl is known as one of the auspicious motif. This is called Katagami from late 1900's.

These are used for dyeing textile from long bolts of fabric commonly cotton, silk or wool used to create the kimono, the summer Yukata, and other garments. These stencils were produced using layers of Japanese handmade Washi paper bonded together with Kaki Shibu (a Persimmon tannin) and cut and carved creating these openwork masterpieces. A multitude of designs, patterns and themes reflect the creative diversity of the Katagami artist and showcases their incredible delicate and fine cutting techniques.

It will be a beautiful artwork in the frame.