Shipping & Returns




Wood Quality & Condition
Eastern Classics’ wood furniture and accessories are manufactured using premium woods and traditional Japanese craftsmanship. Our furniture is made to last many lifetimes. However, due to dramatic changes in temperature or humidity solid wood furnishings can sometimes crack or warp. These natural occurrences can not be considered our responsibility as they are beyond our control. We do take precautions to prevent such occurrences, such as kiln drying the wood and crafting the furniture in a manner so it may breathe, expand, and adjust to many types of weather conditions. We don’t frequently experience such problems, but we need to warn the customer that it can happen.

Color Finish
Eastern Classics does its best to match the finished color stain to the customer’s preference. Our stains, however, are mixed at different times of the year by our own craftsmen and is impossible to achieve an exact match every time. Variations in color and tone using stain and finishes such as oil, urushi, or lacquer can vary 0-8% due to variations in wood grain and temperature. We can not guarantee exact stain duplication and will not be responsible for subtle or minute differences.

Furniture Size
Dimensions may differ slightly by up to 1/8 inch on any give spec. such as height, width, or depth of the final size. This sometimes happens for the following reasons:

The specifications a customer provides to us may not always be the most practical dimensions in order to craft the furniture. Often, slight adjustments to dimensions need to be made in order to achieve correct craftsmanship, evenness, and balance.

We convert inches to the metric system. These two systems are slightly different from each other. There is no exact conversion of inches into metric; therefore the dimensions will be off slightly. If dimensions need to be changed we will always round the measurement down rather than up. What this means is you may end up with furniture that is slightly smaller than what you ordered, but it will never be larger. This allows us to assure that furniture which has been measured to fit a precise space will always fit (even if it is a little smaller) rather than being too large to be placed in that space.



All cut fabrics, custom and special orders are FINAL, non-refundable and non-exchangeable.  Shipping, handling, deposit and labor charges are non-refundable.  Please make your selections and confirm the specifications carefully.


Eastern Classics is not responsible for any damage that occurs during shipping.

It is your responsibility to open and inspect the entire shipment carefully BEFORE signing for the shipment.  If the cartons look damaged, note damaged items on the delivery receipt.  Visible damage to shipping carton must be opened in presence of truck driver upon delivery and claim recorded with driver, in writing.  You should take photographs of the outer and inner packaging as well as the damaged product.

Refuse to accept any damaged goods.  If the driver did not remove the goods at the time of delivery, you must retain the product and all of the packaging including the carton and any foam contained therein.  DO NOT DISCARD THE ORIGINAL PACKING MATERIALS until you are have inspected and found no shipping damage.

Any damaged items must be re-packed in original carton with original packing materials, otherwise all shipping companies will deny your damage claims.

Any damages must be reported to Eastern Classics within three business days upon receipt.