Antique Japanese Kannon Isho Tansu w/ Secret Compartment 2 Section (23M-B100)

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This is an antique Japanese 2 section wedding kimono chest called Kannon Biraki tansu that features double hinged doors on the upper section from Middle Meiji period (1880's - 1890's).  It was constructed entirely out of Paulownia wood (known in Japan as Kirinoki) and the iron fittings were hand made.

The main lock plate on the upper section which was the family crest of the previous owner of this chest. This is Ume, Plum which is associated with the Shinto deity of scholarship.

As an added bonus, there is a secret compartment behind one of the small drawers, presumably used for hiding special momentos, jewelry, money or important documents.  

These chests were often given as part of a bride's dowry where she could safely store her wedding kimono to cherish for years to come.  It would make a wonderful clothes dresser or storage unit for any home or bedroom with the added versatility of separating the sections for different rooms of the house.

37 1/2"W x 17 1/4"D x 43"H