Japanese Ikebana Flower Vase from Tanba Kiln(24A-49-2)

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Presenting a Vintage Japanese Brown Glaze Vase from the esteemed Tanba Kiln. This exquisite piece, with its rich brown glaze, exemplifies the rustic elegance and masterful craftsmanship characteristic of Tanba ware.

The Tanba Kiln, one of Japan's six ancient kilns, dates back over 800 years to the Heian period. Located in the Sasayama region of Hyogo Prefecture, Tanba is renowned for its simple, earthy designs and natural ash glazes, reflecting the beauty of the surrounding landscape. This vase, with its traditional brown glaze, is a testament to the enduring legacy and timeless appeal of Tanba pottery.

It has a elegant shape and texture, great home decor. 

11"Diameter x 10 1/2"H