Antique Japanese Ko Tansu Small Chest (24A-G24)

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This Taisho-era vintage Japanese ko tansu exudes timeless elegance with its exquisite craftsmanship and traditional design elements. Crafted from hinoki wood, renowned for its durability and aromatic fragrance, the sturdy frame provides a solid foundation. The drawers, constructed from delicate kiri wood, offer a smooth and graceful touch, showcasing the natural beauty of the material.

The allure of this tansu is further enhanced by its bronze hardware, including handles and locks, which add a touch of sophistication and complement the warm tones of the wood. Each element of the hardware is intricately designed, reflecting the meticulous attention to detail characteristic of Japanese craftsmanship.

Adding to its functionality, the tansu features small sliding doors that offer convenient access to its contents while maintaining its aesthetic appeal. With five drawers, it provides ample storage space, perfect for organizing various belongings or serving as a statement piece in any living space.

This vintage ko tansu from the Taisho era not only serves as a practical storage solution but also stands as a testament to the rich cultural heritage and artisanal skill of Japan's past. Its graceful silhouette and timeless design make it a cherished piece for collectors and enthusiasts of Japanese craftsmanship alike.

Contemporary uses for this piece include placement on a desk for additional office storage, using this as an elegant side table or placing it next to a bed for the perfect nightstand.

26 1/4"W x 14 1/4"D x 25"H