Vintage Japanese Kawara Roof Tile (24A-55)

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This vintage Japanese roofing tile features a captivating depiction of Daikokuten, one of the Seven Lucky Gods (Shichifukujin) in Japanese folklore. Daikokuten, often portrayed as a robust figure with a broad smile, represents wealth, prosperity, and good fortune.

In Japanese mythology, Daikokuten traces his origins to Hinduism as the deity Mahakala, later adapted into Japanese Buddhism. Over time, he became associated with agriculture, commerce, and the household, making him a beloved figure in Japanese culture.

Daikokuten is typically depicted with a large sack of treasures slung over his shoulder, symbolizing abundance and prosperity. In some representations, he also carries a magic mallet, which is believed to grant wishes and bring good luck.

This vintage roofing tile, adorned with an image of Daikokuten, not only adds decorative flair to traditional Japanese architecture but also serves as a symbol of blessings and prosperity for the home it adorns. It offers a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Japanese mythology and the enduring reverence for the gods who bring fortune and abundance to believers' lives.

21"W x 7"D x 11 1/2"H