Vintage Japanese Shigaraki Garden Tanuki (23M-207)

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Vintage Japanese Tanuki statues are ceramic or porcelain figurines that depict the Tanuki, a type of Japanese animal often depicted in folklore as mischievous and playful creatures with supernatural abilities. In Japanese culture, Tanuki are also considered symbols of good fortune and prosperity.

Tanuki statues are popular collectibles and decorative items, and their value may depend on factors such as age, rarity, condition, and provenance. The figurines are typically decorated with colorful glazes, intricate patterns, and detailed features, showcasing the skill and creativity of Japanese artisans.

The Tanuki statues often feature the Tanuki's large, plump body and oversized testicles, which are considered symbols of good fortune and prosperity in Japanese folklore. The statues may also show Tanuki in different poses or with different objects, such as a sake bottle, a promissory note, or a straw hat. These variations add to the charm and whimsy of the Tanuki statues and make them a unique representation of Japanese culture and folklore.

This statue will welcome guests and add great charm to your home.