Japanese Uchikake Wedding Kimono (23F-126-3)

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The Japanese furisode is a traditional garment worn by young unmarried women on special occasions, such as coming-of-age ceremonies and weddings. A furisode is characterized by its long, flowing sleeves that can measure up to 114 cm in length. The sleeves are designed to showcase the wearer's grace and elegance as she moves.

In a red Japanese furisode with white cranes and a pine tree, the bold red color represents good luck and happiness in Japanese culture. The white cranes, a symbol of longevity, are often featured prominently on the furisode, adding an element of grace and elegance to the garment. The pine tree, a symbol of strength and longevity, is also often incorporated into the design, representing the resilience and durability of the wearer.

The design of the furisode in red with white cranes and a pine tree can be intricate and detailed, with the patterns often extending over the entire garment. The fabric is typically made from silk, which enhances the richness and depth of the colors and designs.

Accessories such as a decorative obi belt and hair ornaments in complementary colors can be added to complete the overall look. The furisode is often paired with traditional Japanese sandals called geta, which elevate the garment off the ground and add to the wearer's elegance and poise.

Overall, the Japanese furisode in red with white cranes and a pine tree is a breathtaking and symbolic garment that reflects the beauty and grace of Japanese culture. It is a true masterpiece of traditional Japanese fashion, combining intricate design and rich symbolism in a stunning display of artistry and elegance.