Japanese Kamo Isho Kimono Tansu 3 Section (22M-A21)

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This is an authentic mid-century Japanese 3 section stacking Kamo region Kimono chest called Isho Tansu.  It was constructed entirely of Paulownia wood (Japanese Kirinoki) and it originated in the Kamo region, Nigata prefecture of Japan.

Designed for storage functionality with a minimalist natural wood grain beauty, it uses nearly every inch of usable interior storage space. It is made of very thick wood.

Paulownia was the desired wood for the construction of tansu such as these.  The characteristic of this wood allowed for its expansion during humid summer months to seal the drawers and keep the silk kimono dry while during dry winter months, the wood contracted to allow the kimono to circulate air to breath.

Originally used to store Japanese Kimono, it would work well in today's home as a clothes dresser or linen cabinet for daily use.   

39 1/2"W x 17 3/4"D x 68"H