Antique Japanese Mizuya Tansu Kitchen Chest 1 Section (23M-E108)

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This is an antique Japanese Mizuya, 1 section Kitchen chest from the Middle Meiji period (1880's - 1890's). It is made of lacquered Keyaki (Zelkova), Sugi ( Cedar ) and Hinoki (Cypress) woods. Keyaki wood is valued in Japan and used often for furniture because of its beautiful color and grain.

Mizuya Dansu was most likely used in the kitchen of a Japanese household for the storage of plates, utensils and food items. Most kitchen chests will not have locks and will have a combination of sliding doors and drawers. 

Glass doors on the top row

Since this chest has many types of drawers and cabinets, it is very useful for today’s modern kitchen to store dishes and utensils. 

40.5"W x 15.75" D x 58" H