Antique Japanese Kaidan Tansu Step Chest (22J-J1)

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This is an antique 3 section Japanese stair chest called Kaidan or Kaidansu from Middle Meiji period ( 1880's - 1890's).  It was constructed out of Zelkova wood (Keyaki) and Cryptomeria (Suginoki).  The original hand made iron handles are thick and substantial to match this beautiful chest.

Every inch of this chest has storage room. The incline is from the left to the right.  

The antique Japanese stair tansu is becoming a very rare find these days indeed. Especially is the case when the front, frame, steps and risers are made from Keyaki wood making this even more prized.

I selected this tansu as one of my favorites and I hope you will enjoy it with the same enthusiasm. 

70"W x 19 1/2"D x 79"H