Antique Japanese Clothing Tansu (23O-B201B)

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This is an antique Kannon Biraki Tansu, or clothing chest featuring double doors from Middle Meiji period (1880's - 1890's). It is made entirely of Kiri (paulownia) wood.

Traditionally this type of tansu was commissioned to be made for the dowry of a girl born into a Japanese family. The Paulownia tree would be planted when she is born and fallen when she is of marrying age to make the piece.When she is married, this tansu would be used to store her formal wedding kimono and kept in the family as part of her legacy, that is why the metal in the middle often has a family crest design. Each section can be used separately or stacked together as space permits in ones home.  It is an eye catching design and one that would work in any home decor.  

There are some dents and scratches on top

38 1/4"W x 17 3/4"D x 20 1/2"H